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lee ann
Copyright 2014 Lee Ann Ward        
in the works:
Lee Ann recently signed a three-book deal with Buzz Books USA for
her young adult mystery series set in New Orleans (titles pending).
Book one will be released in FAll 2014, and the next two in 2015.

Here's what Book One is about:

There’s something about a girl who lives above a strip joint in
New Orleans that brings out the worst in people: teasing, hushed whispers, and
the realization that her talent for fact-finding is
her only way out of her parents’
gypsy lifestyle.

Sixteen-year-old Julia Reynolds struggles with her parents’ hand-
to-mouth existence and the urgent need to find her place in the
world. Fortunately, having nothing to lose makes bravery pretty
simple, especially when Julia latches onto the mystery
surrounding the Ursuline Convent in New Orleans, its banned third
floor and the blessed nails that seal its windows shut.

Solving the mystery of the Ursuline and reporting the story to the
entire free world is her only way out of poverty. But there’s just
one catch: the others who have explored this mystery have one
thing in common…they’re all dead.

Things get even more complicated when Julia falls for Ryan
Grandle, the hottest guy in her new school, and he falls right
back. Will she really risk her life and new love to explore an
unsolved mystery for the story that could change everything?
Turns out, staring death straight in the face is just the beginning.