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lee ann
Copyright 2012 Lee Ann Ward
Once Wayward
If Isabel Bennet were given the
choice to remain with her parents
in the carnival life or hop on a train
full of orphaned girls into the vast
unknown, she would have gladly
remained with the two people she
loved most in the world. She
cherished her family and embraced
the gypsy lifestyle, but her parents
desired a brighter future for her.
And the wealthy Mr. Robert Winston
had promised the beautiful Isabel all
that and so much more. She was
lucky, not like the other young girls
she’d met on the orphan train. Mr.
Winston would love the fifteen-
year-old sharpshooter like a
daughter, and teach her that life
held more than a quick shot in front
of amazed crowds. So her parents
placed the reluctant Isabel on an
orphan train headed for Kansas, and
the one man who promised her a
future. But Isabel would soon
discover that men don’t always
keep their promises